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Newsletter | Grace Lutheran Church


 Words of Grace

“I commend you to God and to the word of His grace which is able to build you up.”  Acts 20:32

 Volume 16, Issue 1                                                                                                                                                                                  January, 2017

Well, here we are at the beginning of just another year.  Or is this just another year?  For me and Barbara, it is our last year here.  For our congregation, it should be the year where a new pastor arrives and is installed.  It hopefully should also be the year we start using a digital hymnal player to accompany worship services when we can’t find anyone to play for us.  And without a doubt, it will be a year of change, and the unknown at this point.

In the year ahead, I trust in no creature, whether in heaven or on earth.  I put my trust in the one, true, invisible, and incomprehensible God alone, the maker of heaven and earth, Who is above all creatures.  I do not fear the wickedness of the devil and his demons, for my God is above them all.  I believe no less in God even though I am abandoned or persecuted by everyone.

Since God is almighty, what could I want that God would not give or do for me?  Since God is the Creator of heaven and earth, and the Lord of all things, who will rob me or do me harm?  Why should not all things work together for my good, since I have found favor with God, to Whom all are subject?  God is able to make all things work for my good.  As Father, God desires to do so, and gladly does it.

These words were penned by Martin Luther 497 years ago.  It is amazing how truth never ages!  That’s also why we can trust God and His Word which never change or age.  The eternal God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, has desired to have us spend eternity with Him.  This is a privilege far above and beyond anything you and I have experienced, or ever hope to experience as long as we are here on earth.

While it will be hard to say “Good-bye” to everyone, Barb and I look forward to being in a warmer climate, being closer to Chris and Naomi, encouraging Joel to hang his shingle in that direction, and making new friends.  But none of this begins to compare with the “dwelling place” God is preparing for our arrival in heaven..

“Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them, and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain.”  That’s the move none of us can wait to experience.

May your new year be filled with love and joy and peace as you look forward to the move to heaven one day.  There we will enjoy the fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore!



Reports are due to the church office NO LATER THAN Sunday, January 14, please. Reports needed: Pastor, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Deacons, Trustees, Parish Education Committee/Sunday School, WMF Chairman and WMF Treasurer. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend the Annual Meeting, January 29 at 10:30 a.m. following the worship service. Your input is needed as decisions are made furthering, and concerning, our congregation’s ministry. A pot-blessing will follow the meeting.



Monday, January 8 and 22 – 1:30 p.m.

Spirit Lifters will meet this month on the above mentioned Mondays in the fellowship hall to continue with week 6, in their study “Sermon on the Mount”. All are welcome! Any questions, please call Jan Torkelson.



Thursday, January 18 – 1:30 p.m.

Please join us as we continue our DVD study UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIES OF GENESIS, Episode 7: Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs captured our imaginations long before the field of paleontology was established in the 1700’s. Dragons, winged serpents, and giant behemoths inhabited folklore around the world for centuries. Most modern scientists claim dinosaurs became extinct eons ago while ancient historians and monster-hunters recorded more recent sightings. Did dinosaurs really die off before humans existed? Join us and find out!

Hostess: ?



Sign-up sheets for ushers, greeters, readers, and other committees are on the table in the lower entryway. Please find a month you can serve and put your name on the “dotted” line. Ushers, you probably remember that we need you to sign up more than once and we thank you so much for your willingness to do that!



Ladies, it’s time to prepare our 2018 booklet. There are signup sheets on the table in the lower entryway that list the committees where we need YOU! Also a sheet if you can commit to putting up and away the flowers each Sunday for one month. This sheet is NOT for donating the flowers. There is a Flower Chart on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall for that purpose. Thank you!



If you would like to donate altar flowers to beautify our sanctuary Sunday mornings, please see flower chart on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall. $40 thru Mann’s Floral. Let Barb know if you will be providing your own flowers from another source.



A huge thanks to those who volunteered their time to beautify our church for Christmas and then put the decorations away after! Thank you for giving of your valuable time!



Shoe Box love gifts for January: Socks and Tee Shirts

Please place your gifts in the plastic box on the table in the lower entryway.

We thank everyone (especially Duane & Barb Wolfe and Naomi Parton) who helped fill the 33 shoe boxes Grace was able to pack and send this past Christmas!

Remembering To Pray for Our Church Family & Friends

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,

with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Philippians 4:6

In Need of Healing:

Bob Arnsdorff, Katie Becker, Ruth Bright, Beth Carlson, Bob Coop, Marcia Davidson, Don Edmondson, Betty Findlay, Jason Hecht, Diane Mitchell, Bob Williams

Baby Coming to: Chris and Naomi Parton

Serving our Country: Tracy Graham, US Coast Guard Reserves

PLEASE let us know if you would like to add or remove a name from the “pray for” list.



Pianist: Norma Arnsdorff

Scripture Reader: Debbie Steffes

Greeters: Connie Jenkins and Neita Launius

Ushers: Lyle Hecht and Carter Laudeman

Flowers: Connie and Neita



1 –      Tina Rose

3 –      Naomi Heilmann Parton

5 –      Craig Laudeman

Keegan Slagle

8 –      Kim Hecht

9 –      Jan Torkelson

10 –    Izabella Salinas

12 –    Jackie Anderson


6 –      Ron & Tina Rose



Don & Ruth Bright in thanksgiving for answered prayers

Mike & Sherryl Graham in memory of parents: Rice & Edna Graham and Allen & Evelyn Edmondson

Pastor Steve & Barb in honor of Elroy & Donna Sellke and in loving memory of George & Hazel Heilmann

Connie Jenkins in memory of loved ones

Rick Johnson in loving memory of Jerri Johnson

Neita Launius in memory of loved ones with the Lord

Dale & Barb Starks in memory of loved ones

Bob Tesdal in loving memory of Barb and Ed & Edna Tesdal

Howard & Jan Torkelson in thanksgiving for many blessings received


With grateful hearts we extend to you our wish for a blessed Christmas and New Year. We thank God for you and your encouragement which blesses us each day. May we rejoice together in the good news the angels announced!

Pastor Steve, Barb, Joel, Naomi, and Chris