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Newsletter | Grace Lutheran Church


 Words of Grace

“I commend you to God and to the word of His grace which is able to build you up.”  Acts 20:32

 Volume 15, Issue 9                                                                                                                                                   September, 2017

On a September 11th in 1777, a committee reported to the new Congress regarding a memorial brought by Dr. Patrick Allison, one of the chaplains to Congress about the printing of Bibles.

In it they read that there were insurmountable difficulties with printing Bibles.  But they also concluded that “the use of the Bible is so universal, and its importance so great, that your committee refer the above to the consideration of Congress, and if Congress should not think it expedient to order the importation of types and paper, the committee recommend that Congress will order the Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 Bibles from Holland, Scotland, or elsewhere, into different ports of the States of the Union.”

Whereupon it was moved, That the Committee of the Commerce be directed to import 20,000 copies of the Bible.   On this motion New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia voted in the affirmative.   New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolinas voted in the negative.

In 1781, Rev. Mr. Aitken memorialized Congress to aid him in printing an American edition of the Bible.   Congress appointed a committee, who reported in September, 1782, that he had finished, at great expense, an American edition of the Holy Scriptures in English.  They also reported that they had recommended this edition to the two chaplains of Congress to examine and give their opinion of the execution.   The two chaplains subsequently reported to Congress that it was executed “with great accuracy as to the sense, and with as few grammatical and typographical errors as could have been expected in an undertaking of such magnitude.”

On September 10, 1782, Congress assembled in Philadelphia, responded to the Committee of Congress on Mr. Aitken’s memorial.  Whereupon, Resolved, That the United States, in Congress assembled, highly approve of the pious and laudable undertaking of Mr. Aitken, as subservient to the interests of religion, as well as an instance of the progress of the fine arts in this country; and being satisfied from the above report of his care and accuracy in the execution of the work, they recommend this edition of the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States, and hereby authorize him to publish this recommendation in the manner he shall think proper.

September seemed to be the month of remembering the Bible.  What a great tradition!  If you have taken the summer off of remembering the Bible, why not start again this month?  This month Emily Ranallo will read it in church.  Children will study the Bible in Sunday School and the adults will study Obadiah.  You can also read the Bible daily following the Bible Reading Plan on our website or another plan of your choosing.  Our country may not hold the Bible in the regard and esteem it once did, but we should never diminish our estimation of the value and worth and priority of God’s Word.


Monday, September 11 – 1:30 p.m.

Our Spirit Lifters will begin the fall season on Monday, September 11 and meet again September 25 at 1:30pm in the fellowship hall at the church. We’ll be studying “Sermon on the Mount” by Jen Wilkin. This study articulates what the life of a Christ follower should look like! Books for this study are located in the church office and can be purchased for $15 each. All are welcome to join in this study of God’s Word. Any questions, please call Jan Torkelson, 685-6735.


Thursday, September 21 – 1:30 p.m.

Please join us as we continue our DVD study UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIES OF GENESIS, Episode 4: Buried Clues. What does the fossil record actually reveal about the history of life on earth? This is an amazing series, filled with thought provoking insight and beautiful pictures of our world.  Everyone is welcome!

Hostess: Sue Salinas


Devotionals for September, October, November are available on the table in the lower entryway of the church. Please pick one up!

CYCM (Christian Youth Center of Morris)

Tuesday, September 19

Our church will be helping the Christian Youth Center of Morris with meals on the third Tuesday of the month, starting September 19. Anyone giving food could take it directly to the Youth Center – someone will be there to receive food around 5pm. The kids will come at 6pm. Any questions, call Debbie Steffes 815-942-0968 or Jan Torkelson 815-685-6735. We are thankful to our Spirit Lifters for involving our church in this community ministry.


Love gifts for September: gum, NO CANDY, toothbrushes, NO TOOTHPASTE

Also: markers, crayons, pencils, small pads of paper, calculator – you can get some great deals on school supplies after school has started!

If you would like to put together your own shoe boxes, there are some available for you to take, on the desk in the fellowship hall.


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.”  Philippians 4:6

In Need of Healing:

Katie Becker, Everett Brue, Beth Carlson, Bob Coop, Marcia Davidson, Don Edmondson, Betty Findlay, Jason Hecht, Ron Lenninger, Diane Mitchell, Don Neushwander, Bob Williams

Serving our Country: Tracy Graham, US Coast Guard Reserves

PLEASE let us know if you would like to add or remove a name from the “pray for” list.


Pianist:  Norma Arnsdorff (welcome back!!!)

Scripture Reader:  Emily Ranallo

Greeters:  The Ranallo Family

Ushers:  Joel Heilmann

Deacon: Kris Houchin

Flowers:  Katie Ranallo

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS members and friends

7 –       Zachary Chapman

16 –     Melanie Ruettiger

18 –     Joyce Chapman

Robert Tesdal

20 –     Becky Erickson                               

Connie Jenkins

26 –     Pastor Heilmann

29 –     Laney Torkelson


1 –       Chris & Naomi Parton

2 –       Terry & Kris Torkelson

13 –     Lupé & Sue Salinas

15 –     Andy & Starlette Torkelson